Faculty Laptop Distribution and Loaner Policy

Faculty Laptop Distribution Policy

New laptops (faculty choice of Dell or Apple) are provided by Lewis University to non-adjunct faculty members on a 4 year cycle for Dell laptops, and 5 year cycle for Apple MacBooks. Laptops are ordered, imaged and distributed by the Office of Technology. Prior to the beginning of the Fall semester or upon hire, the faculty member will be contacted when the laptop is ready for pick up from the Office of Technology. Data transfer from an old laptop that is being returned will be performed by the Office of Technology prior to the equipment exchange. New laptops will be released to the faculty member upon the return of the old laptop. Laptops and all components remain the property of Lewis University. The faculty member is responsible for the health and welfare of the physical device and all components. Upon termination from the University, the laptop and all components immediately must be returned to the Office of Technology.

If damage occurs to the equipment the faculty member will be responsible for bringing the equipment to the Office of Technology for assessment of damages. Damages will be repaired if the equipment is still under warranty which may require shipment to the manufacturer. If laptop damage is beyond repair, the laptop will be replaced only if covered by the warranty. If damage is not covered by the warranty or the equipment/components are lost, a new laptop or the necessary parts may be purchased by the faculty or the faculty member's respective department.

Office of Technology Supplied Loaner Equipment Policy

The Office of Technology has peripheral equipment (AC adapters, mice, network cables, Apple AV adapters) for short-term loans to faculty and staff, subject to availability. Loaner laptops will also be available for faculty and staff during extended repair periods of one day or more. Installed on the laptop will be a basic Lewis University image which will include the current versions of Microsoft Office and web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari (for Mac) and Internet Explorer. Loaner laptops are shared equipment and meant to be temporary and therefore data should be saved on external storage media such as a flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud-based storage for backup purposes, and it is encouraged that these external storage options be used even with the assigned laptop. The faculty/staff member will be responsible for picking up and returning the loaned equipment from the Office of Technology office during normal business hours. Upon picking up the equipment, the borrower will be required to sign out the item and provide a date of return. If the equipment is not returned by the agreed-upon due date, the Office of Technology will contact the end user in an attempt to have the equipment returned. If the equipment is not returned within 5 business days of the Office of Technology contacting the end user, the respective dean or supervisor will be contacted. If after 10 business days the item isn't returned, the user will be sent a quote for replacement of the item to the Office of Technology stock. The user or department will be responsible for purchasing the replacement.

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