Outside Employment

Policy #6.3010
Effective: 1/1/01

Although it is the expectation of Lewis University that its personnel will devote their primary efforts toward their duties and responsibilities, personnel may engage in outside employment, including consulting, with prior approval. Generally, outside employment will be approved if it does not:

  • conflict with job responsibilities at Lewis University, including the ability to work overtime as required by the position;

  • interfere with performance at Lewis University;

  • prove detrimental to the interests of Lewis University;

  • Involve a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest; or

  • involve the use of confidential or proprietary information of Lewis University or its students.

Prior to an employee serving as a paid officer, director, or advisor for another organization, Lewis University will determine if the acceptance of such a role is in the best interests of Lewis University. Such determinations are to be made by the unit head or dean and vice president, with appropriate consultation with the Director of Human Resources.

Any issues regarding outside employment should be resolved prior to the acceptance of such employment.

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