Relocation & Moving Expenses


Lewis University provides limited reimbursement of relocation and moving expenses in certain situations for newly hired employees. Up to one-half of one month’s gross salary of a newly hired employee (maximum of $3,500) is allowed. Moving expenses are paid out of the operating budget of the President, Provost or Executive Vice President for their respective areas. Authorization for reimbursement must be contained in the employee’s letter of appointment.


The following categories of new employees are eligible for relocation and moving expenses.

  • Newly hired full time administrators at the level of Director or above.
  • Newly hired full time faculty on “regular” (tenured or non-tenured) contracts. Part-time, Visiting, and Adjunct faculty are not eligible for reimbursement under this policy.
  • Newly hired full time coaches.

Reimbursable Moving Expenses

Include and are Limited to

  • Transportation and storage of household goods (optional insurance is not covered).
  • One-way travel and lodging (excluding meals) of the newly hired employee incurred during the actual move.

This policy applies to moves of greater than the minimum distance established by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (currently at least 50 miles difference of distance). It is University policy to approve reimbursement for moves that meet or exceed the IRS distance requirement and to make direct payment to the moving company.

All moves must be completed, and reimbursement requested within three (3) months of beginning employment.

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