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This form to be completed by faculty/staff members only. Students should contact the SORC Office at for event submission procedures.

Important Notes:

  1. If this event involves a program includes participation by the President, the date must also be coordinated with his availability by calling ext. 5230

  2. This form must be received and approved for scheduling in the Conferences & Events office a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event.

  3. No planning, arrangements, mailings or logistics should be arranged until the event has Conferences & Events approval.
Today's Date: 10/23/2016

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 Faculty/Staff Dining Room (45 Buffet)
 University Dining Room (130 Buffet)
 University Conference Room (12)
 DL 250 (70)
 AS 158A (182)

Other Room:

Parking Lot(s) Assigned:

Please note that if you are using a “special use” facility a restrictions list is as follows:  Phillip Lynch Theater, Student Recreation and Fitness Center, JFK, Sancta Alberta Chapel, Ives Hall.  Use of a “special use facility” is contingent upon the facility guidelines being followed.

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For assistance with invitations/flyers, programs, photographer requests, maps, press releases and/or University News please contact Marketing & Communications at ext. 5291.

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 External Speakers
 LCD Projector
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 Wireless Microphone
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 President's Office


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