Office of Assessment

Assessment Plan

University Assessment

The Assessment of Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness is a critical focus activity for the Higher Learning Commission, the accrediting body for Lewis University. As an AQIP Institution, Lewis is continuously striving for a culture of assessment and a University-wide assessment system to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness through evidence-based decisions.  The University is making great and successful strides in plan development and implementation. Mission documents and the Baccalaureate Characteristics provide the base objectives for assessing student learning. In addition, colleges and departments have respective content objectives. Department/units with program accrediting bodies align those standards and guidelines as they participate in the University Assessment Plan.

Lewis University Assessment System

  • Assessment is driven by the Lewis University Mission.

  • Assessment facilitates change to improve student learning and strengthen institutional effectiveness.

  • Assessment is a continuous quality improvement process.

  • Assessment is a cyclic process that embodies collaboration throughout.


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 I. Identify & Align


II. Determine
Measures & Criteria
Targets/Expected Performance


III. Implement Plan
Collect data

IV. Assess
Analyze data
Compile results


V. Interpret Results/Meanings
Determine improvement
Changes based on results


The Assessment System is a continuous cycle of planning, assessing, and responding.

  • Plan
    • Determine mission/purpose statement and align as indicated
    • Identify expected objectives/outcomes
    • Determine where objectives/outcomes will be addressed
    • Decide assessment methods and criteria
  • Assess
    • Collect information and data
    • Analyze data
    • Establish the results 
  • Respond
    • Determine meaning of assessment results--interpret
    • Communicate results
    • Recommend changes based on interpreted results


What to do within Individual program

(see Academic Program Assessment for Student Learning Matrix and Description)

What do to in Weaveonline

1. Figure out who you are (see Assessment Organization Chart)
a. Log onto Weaveonline and find your entity in the system.
2. Know and prepare your documents (including mission documents and professional standards of your program)
3. Identify:
  1. Your mission, 
  2. Goals
  3. Outcomes/objectives
b. Enter the followings in Weaveonline
  1. Mission
  2. Goals
  3. Outcomes/Objectives

    c. Associate (align) each outcome/objective with documents/standards (Note: all documents/standards are available in Weaveonline)
4. Align your program outcomes/objectives (See Program outcome alignment matrix document) with:
  1. Mission
  2. Program standard(s)
  3. Strategic plans
  4. Characteristics of the Baccalaureate Graduate
  5. Higher Learning Commission Criteria
  6. AQIP Categories
5. Determine measures and criteria for all measures (See Course Assessment for Student Learning Matrix)
6. Determine achievement targets
c. Enter measures and achievement targets in Weaveonline
7. Implement and collect data
8. Compile results
9. Determine improvement changes based on results
d. Enter findings for each measure
e. Enter proposed improvement changes into the action plan.

Within the System:

  • The Office of Assessment and the Assessment Committee facilitate, monitor, and provide assessment training for University-wide faculty/staff, develop events and personalized training to support the five Phases of the Assessment Plan.

  • WEAVEonline is the electronic tool organizing assessment activities, allowing alignment and documentation.

  • Academic departments (see Assessment Organization Chart) are actively assessing student learning and institutional effectiveness.  Everyone is encouraged to discover and participate in the assessment processes in each individual department or unit.