Assessment Plan & Cycle

The Plan

The University Assessment Plan is designed to encourage continuous improvement for student learning.  Through the assessment cycle we will focus on how we teach, how we structure the curriculum, how we communicate with one another about student progress, how we schedule coursework and how we evaluate whether students are meeting the benchmarks we have set as an institution.  The Assessment Plan provides a means for self-correcting action. 

When implemented fully, the University Assessment Plan will not only assess whether students are learning, but it will also provide a venue for discussion regarding how to improve student learning.  This refers to the complete student learning experience from the design of learning tools and classroom activities to curricular design and even the resources available through the Library.

The Assessment Plan was designed to create a culture where we are transparent about gaps in student learning and, as a result of the data, implement curricular improvements to provide the optimum learning environment for Lewis University students.

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The Cycle