Assessment Committee Primary Charge

The Lewis University Assessment Committee will focus on student learning, conducting university-level assessment and supporting program level assessment efforts across Lewis University.

Effective Fall Semester of 2016, the primary charge of the Lewis University Assessment Committee is to:

  • Provide guidance and support to the development of program and course assessment plans;
  • Advise, support and provide training for assessment efforts related to student learning;
  • Provide guidance and recommendations for continuous improvement initiatives related to student learning;
  • Help to minimize duplication of efforts by leveraging assessment processes to meet the standards of multiple accrediting bodies; and
  • Manage the implementation of University-level assessment.

Assessment Committee Members

The Lewis University Assessment Committee is a representative body comprised of members from the colleges, departments and administrative offices. Each college has its own committee and there is a co-curricular as well to ensure there is diversity of groups and individuals engaged in the assessment activities across the University.

All faculty representatives were appointed by the Dean from each college, the School of Graduate, Professional & Continuing Education (SGPCE), and Graduate Studies. The UAAC representative was nominated by the committee.

Faculty Representatives (One Faculty member will serve as co-chair): [ See List ]

  • Dr. Wei Chen, College of Business (COB)
  • Dr. Michael Cherry, Faculty Development
  • Mary Eileen Kloster, University Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC)
  • Dr. Misti Ludwig, co-chair, College of Nursing (CONHS)
  • Dr. Anne Rapp, School of Graduate, Professional & Continuing Education (SGPCE)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Sturm, College of Education and Social Sciences (COESS)

Administrative Representatives: [ See List ]

  • David Deitemyer, Assistant Dean of Curriculum/Assessment and Data Management, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
  • Samantha Kinser, Senior Academic Technologist, Faculty Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning

Ex-Officio Members: [ See List ]

  • Dr. Kathy Kremer, Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Accreditation
  • Dr. Kang Bai, Associate Vice President, Institutional Research and Planning

Committee members are appointed for a three-year term, after which their membership reviewed. Members collaborate with and inform the Office of Institutional Research and various other entities interested in assessment data.