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De La Salle Christian Brothers at Lewis University

Lewis University is sponsored by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, an international Roman Catholic congregation of Brothers dedicated to education and founded by Saint John Baptist de La Salle, patron saint of educators. De La Salle transformed education by developing “a spirituality of teaching and learning” De La Salle Statue and opening his schools to students regardless of social class, particularly the poor and the underserved. Today, the Brothers work together with 84,000 men and women teachers and numerous lay partners in sponsoring 1,000 educational centers in 80 countries throughout the world as part of the Lasallian network. There are 109 schools and ministries throughout the United States and Canada.


Signum Fidei

In 1960, the Brothers of the Christian Schools assumed the administration of Lewis College and became the sponsors, at the invitation of Bishop Martin D. McNamara of the Diocese of Joliet. Continuing the vision of their founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, they brought a new tradition of Lasallian values to an active partnership with the dedicated faculty, staff and administrators already on campus.

The first group of seven founding Brothers combined their enthusiastic efforts at Lewis with those of their colleagues, forming a strong Lasallian partnership and inaugurating a comprehensive program of improvements. Among these initiatives were securing nationally-recognized accreditation and construction of new facilities which led to significant growth. Since those beginnings, more than 100 Brothers have served the students at Lewis University.

Today under the leadership of Brother James Gaffney, FSC, President, 21 Christian Brothers serve the University in positions such as professor, administrator, librarian, counselor, university minister, and archivist. In addition, seven are members of the University’s Board of Trustees. The Brothers continue to dedicate themselves to all aspects of university life, thus enhancing the overall quality and the commitment to fidelity, service and social justice.

The Official Name

The official name of the Brothers’ Congregation is the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. To retain the connection with their founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the Brothers call themselves De La Salle Christian Brothers in ordinary conversation. The FSC following the Brothers’ names stands for the Latin name of the congregation, Fratres Scholarum Christianarum. Pope Benedict XIII granted approval of the Institute in 1725. However, the influence of the Brothers began nearly 335 years ago when De La Salle formed a community of dedicated educators to provide a human and Christian education to young people, especially the poor and the disadvantaged. He also encouraged spirituality related to mission and promoted teaching as a vocation, oriented to the students’ overall development. The Brothers have been transforming lives through Lasallian education since 1680, and for most of those years with their dedicated Lasallian Associates.

Br. Armand Alcazar, FSC
Brother Armand Alcazar, FSC

Brother Armand is beginning his eighth year at Lewis. He is a Professor of Theology who earned his B.A. in Theology from Christian Brothers University, an M.A. from the University of Memphis, an M.A. from Seattle University, an M.A. from Holy Names College, and a Ph.D. from the Union Institute. His area of specialization is Spirituality and he gives retreats and speaks to various groups and faculties concerning the Lasallian Tradition, real-life spirituality, the Catholic Intellectual tradition and other topics. For the last number of years, he has been a regular presenter at the (IALU) International Association of Lasallian Universities in Rome, Italy; the “Educators’ Summit,” a regional gathering of high school theology teachers from around the country; and ELM, Exploring Lasallian Mission, at Lewis University. Brother Armand’s leisurely interests include singing, golf, cooking, learning Spanish and travel.

Br. Tom Dupre, FSC
Brother Thomas Dupré, FSC

Associate Professor in the Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department, holds a B.A. from Christian Brothers University and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. He was born in Evanston, Ill., and has taught at Lewis for 30 years. A consistent advocate for social justice, he is active in the University’s STAND organization which is committed to assisting the poor and vulnerable by promoting social justice and peace. Among many other initiatives, STAND members regularly write letters that ask for peaceful and just action to assist victims of injustice. Reading, camping, and working with STAND are among his interests.

Br. Brian Dybowski, FSC
Brother Brian Dybowski, FSC

Brother Brian began teaching at Lewis University-Albuquerque in the Fall of 2009 after 44 years of teaching and administration at the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico. He has applied his earned doctorates in Philosophy and Psychology to teach both subjects. Brother Brian earlier established a Psychology program and taught in the Philosophy program at the College of Santa Fe. He also initiated the Santa Fe Institute for Spirituality, which continues to this day, offering summer and year-long courses on the Church Fathers (St. Augustine, St. Thomas, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Thomas Aquinas, etc.) and other spiritual masters, mostly, but not exclusively Catholic.

Br. Michael Fehrenbach, FSC
Brother Michael Fehrenbach, FSC

Brother Michael began his career teaching high school English before becoming a vocation counselor for the St. Louis Province of Christian Brothers. He later moved to Kansas City, where he was a counselor in an alternative school for court-adjudicated adolescents and adults. From 1980-1995, he worked for the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri in positions including Director of the Office of Peace and Justice. In 1995, Brother Michael was named Assistant Provincial when the new Midwest Region of the De LaSalle Christian Brothers was formed, helping to develop regional staff formation programs to deepen sensitivity for the Lasallian tradition and Mission among faculties and boards. He was instrumental in establishing the San Miguel Schools in the Midwest District and served on the first Board of Directors for San Miguel Schools, Chicago. He also assisted in the design and implementation of Catalyst Schools (three Chicago Public Schools Charter Schools established in the Lasallian tradition) where he recently completed a lengthy term as Director of Culture and Values.

Br. Christopher Ford, FSC
Brother Christopher Ford, FSC

A 1989 Lewis alumnus, works in the Writing Center, tutoring and mentoring students. He has earned a B.A. from Divine Word College, a second B.A. from Lewis University, and an M.A. from Saint Louis University. He is A.B.D. for a doctorate in rhetoric and professional communication from New Mexico State University. As a scholar, Brother Chris is interested in exploring the intersection of scientific and religious discourses, as well as emerging rhetorical issues in popular culture.

Br. James Gaffney, FSC
Brother James Gaffney, FSC

President of Lewis University since 1988, observed his 25th anniversary as the Chief Executive of Lewis in the 2012-2013 academic year. During this past quarter century, the University has undergone a remarkable transformation, achieved national ranking for various educational programs; added dozens of programs – both graduate and undergraduate – including two doctoral degrees; significantly expanded the main campus in Romeoville and established sites in the Chicagoland area and in Albuquerque, New Mexico; more than tripled the enrollment; infused the Catholic and Lasallian Mission into all aspects of University life; and built a spirit of Association among faculty, staff and administrators that has helped to develop a collaborative approach in all teaching, learning and service undertakings.

Brother James has served on several dozen boards and has chaired more than eight of those over the last quarter century. Earlier, he taught Theology at Lewis, served as Provincial of the Chicago District of the De La Salle Christian Brothers (1975-1986), and chaired the Board of Trustees at Lewis University for ten years. A native Chicagoan, Brother James holds a B.A. and an M.Ed. from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, an M.A. from Manhattan College, and a D.Min. in Pastoral Theology from the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Ill. In his leisure time, Brother James reads extensively; attends classical concerts, operas and theatrical performances; and enjoys travel, urban architecture and the diverse cultures.

Br. Peter Hannon, FSC
Brother Peter Hannon, FSC

Brother Peter is noted for teaching Culture and Civilization courses during summer sessions for many years prior to joining the History Department at Lewis in 2012. He currently is an Assistant Professor of History. He has a B.A. from Lewis University, an M.A. from De Paul University in History and an M.A. from Catholic University of America in International Political Science. A native of Chicago, he formerly taught at St. Joseph High School, De La Salle High School in Chicago, and Christian Brothers College High School in St. Louis. A talented and avid photographer, Brother Peter has worked with students to establish a Photography Club as a student organization. Among his interests, Brother Peter includes sports, world travel, history and international politics.

Br. Philip Johnson, FSC
Brother Philip Johnson, FSC

Returned to Lewis in 2014 after a one-year leave from the University, while he served as Sub-Director of Novices at the Regional Novitiate for the De La Salle Christian Brothers in Napa, California. He had served as Director of University Ministry at Lewis for ten years, before combining his teaching responsibilities with serving as Coordinator for Special Projects for the Office of Mission & Academic Services during the 2012-2013 academic year. This year, he will join the staff in the Office of Mission and Identity. He has taught English and English as a Second Language, assisted with Writing Placement, mentored students in the Bridge Program and served as Director of Student Activities. Brother Philip has been at Lewis University for 25 years. He was born in Chicago and holds a B.A. from Christian Brothers University, an M.Ed. from Wayne State University. Brother Philip enjoys traveling to warm places with water, reading, walking and racquetball.

Br. Leo Jones, FSC
Brother Leo Jones, FSC

Brother Leo Jones, FSC, a native of Waukon, Iowa, is the Special Assistant to the President and Coordinator of the President’s Student Advisory Council (PSAC) and of the University Policy and Budget Review Advisory Council (UPBRAC). He is known for his three decades of dedicated service and leadership at St. Joseph High School where he was Financial Director and then Principal. His other assignments have included being Director of La Salle Manor in Plano and a staff member at the Retreat House in Kintbury, England. He earned a B.A. and an M.A. from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. He is now beginning his sixth year at Lewis. In his spare time, Brother Leo enjoys traveling, genealogy and computers.

Brother Paul Joslin, FSC
Brother Paul Joslin, FSC

Noted for his extraordinary commitment to the overseas missions, has extensive experience as an administrator and language teacher, both in Central America and in Africa. More recently, he taught foreign languages on the East Coast. He came to Lewis in the Fall of 2012 initially for a dual role on campus, teaching Spanish as an Assistant Professor as well as assisting our students as Coordinator of International Student Services. Brother Paul now serves as Coordinator for Latino/a Outreach for the Office of University Ministry and he still teaches Spanish. Brother Paul holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish/Education from La Salle University, an M.A. in Spanish Literature from Millersville State University, and an M.Ed. from St. Peter’s University in New Jersey. His interests include reading, especially biographies; promoting social justice and human rights; learning about the causes of Nobel Peace prize recipients; other cultures, and running marathons.

Br. David Kuebler, FSC
Brother David Kuebler, FSC

A native of Lockport, Ill., is in his sixth year at Lewis as a Reference Librarian. He earned a B.A. from Christian Brothers University, an M.A. from the University of Memphis, and an M.A.L.S. from Dominican University. His leisure activities...friends.

Br. Stephen Markham, FSC
Brother Stephen Markham, FSC

Served at the University in the early 1990s and returned in the Fall of 2011 as Associate to University Ministry as well as Associate for Mission and Identity at Lewis. He also currently serves as Director of Vocations Ministry for the Midwest District of Christian Brothers. A native of Dubuque, Iowa, he obtained a B.A and an M.Ed. from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, plus a Post Master’s Diploma in Religious Studies and Ph.D. in Church Leadership from Fordham University in New York. Interests include walking, traveling, reading and sports.

Br. Joseph Martin, FSC
Brother Joseph Martin, FSC

Returned to Lewis University in the summer of 2013 as Coordinator of Special Projects in the Office of the President. He had served as Director of Planning from 1999 to 2002 and as Assistant to the President from 2002-2010 at Lewis before accepting the position of Director of Senior Brothers for the Midwest District. Brother Joseph will retain his part-time position as Executive Assistant to the Provincial at the Midwest District Office in Burr Ridge while serving at Lewis. Born and raised in Detroit, Mich., he earned a B.A. from Walsh University, an M.Ed. from St. Michael’s College, an M.A. from Holy Names University, and a D.Min. from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Donaldson, Ind. His hobbies include reading, traveling, movies, writing, and generational history.

Br. Raphael Mascari, FSC
Brother Raphael Mascari, FSC

Brother Raphael was born in Chicago and has been at Lewis for 43 years. He is an Associate Professor in the Computer and Mathematical Sciences Department. He holds a B.A. from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and an M.A. from St. Louis University. In his leisure time, Brother Raphael enjoys following sports, reading and classical music.

Br. Raymond McManaman, FSC
Brother Raymond McManaman, FSC

One of the seven original Brothers to arrive at Lewis in 1960, is a Professor in the Theology Department. He has served the University for 45 years, except for brief periods when he had leadership and teaching assignments elsewhere. A native of Waukegan, Ill., he obtained a B.A. and an M.A. from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, an M.A. from Seattle University, a D.Min. from Aquinas Institute of Theology, and an S.T.D. from San Francisco Theological Seminary. Brother Raymond enjoys reading, traveling and following Notre Dame football, the Chicago White Sox, and the Lewis athletic teams, especially the Lewis baseball team.

Br. Donald Mouton, FSC
Brother Donald C. Mouton, FSC

Received an honorary doctoral degree in 2009 at Lewis University for his distinguished career at the College of Santa Fe, including a dynamic presidency from 1982 to 1987, and to recognize his success in formation and as a lecturer at the Buttimer Institute and other venues in various parts of the world. A frequent writer on Lasallian Studies, he also served as Visitor of the New Orleans-Santa Fe district from 1990-1996. Brother Donald now is a faculty member at Lewis University-Albuquerque. He also is a faculty member in Religion Studies at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design (on the campus of the former College of Santa Fe). A native of Louisiana, he earned a B.A. from the College of Santa Fe and a doctorate in Sacred Theology at the Catholic University of Paris.

Br. Lawrence Oelschlegel, FSC
Brother Lawrence Oelschlegel, FSC

Brother Lawrence is a Professor of English and Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Born in Philadelphia, he has taught at Lewis for 22 years. He earned an B.A. from La Salle University, an M.A. from the University of Maryland, an M.A.T. from Villanova University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. Among his other interests, Brother Lawrence enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, traveling, doing research in literature and the Bible, and visiting museums, botanical gardens, and state capitols.

Br. Bernard Rapp, FSC
Brother Bernard Rapp, FSC

a native of St. Louis, Mo., has been serving the Lewis University Community for more than 40 years. He is a Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, who taught in the Sciences from 1973 to 2000. He began assisting Brother Ambrose Groble, FSC, founder of the Archives, in 1992, shortly before Brother Ambrose’s retirement when the Archives were named in his honor. Brother Bernard was named University Archivist in 2000 following his retirement from teaching. In documenting and collecting Lewis history, he has consistently conducted oral interviews with alumni, faculty, administrators and staff about earlier years at Lewis. He has collected artifacts, catalogued publications by Lewis writers, and entered thousands of pieces of information and documents into existing files to assure that the history of the University will be accessible and viable. Brother Bernard has a B.S. and an M.Ed. from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, an M.S. from Loyola University Chicago, and a Ph.D. from the University of Windsor. Brother Bernard’s leisure activities include family history research, and physical exercise.

Br. Pierre St.Raymond, FSC
Brother Pierre St. Raymond, FSC

Brother Pierre is a Professor of Chemistry and a native of New Orleans, La. He has taught in the Chemistry Department for 20 years and chaired the department for many years. He also serves as Director of Emerging Scientists in First Year Chemistry, a post that was originated in 2012. Brother Pierre has a B.S. from the College of Santa Fe and a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland. For his leisure times, Brother Pierre likes to attend current movies.

Br. Robert Veselsky, FSC
Brother Robert Veselsky, FSC

A Lewis alumnus, returned to his alma mater in 2012 as an Associate, working part-time in University Ministry. He previously was a staff member at Lewis in University Ministry for nearly ten years in the 1990s, serving as a University Minister for Mission Effectiveness and assisting in Peer Ministry and with freshman students in First Year Experience. Brother Rob formerly was a Director of Campus Ministry at Christian Brothers University. Along with his B.A. in Sociology from Lewis University, he holds a Master’s degree in Religious Education from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota and a Master’s in Pastoral Ministry from Loyola University Chicago. Brother Rob’s leisurely interests include reading ... mostly biographies, long walks, and coffee house chats with friends!

Br. John Vietoris, FSC
Brother John Vietoris, FSC

In his thirteenth year at Lewis University, is a native of Joliet. He holds a B.A. from Lewis University, an M.A. from the University of Notre Dame and a Ph.D. from Marquette University. He is an Associate Professor of History and chair of the History Department. Prior to teaching at Lewis, Brother John taught at St. Paul High School and St. Patrick High School in Chicago. He also served as Assistant Principal at St. Patrick’s and Principal of Pacelli High School in Stevens Point, Wis. Brother John’s personal interests include hiking, reading, travel, classical music and opera.

President Emeritus of Lewis University

Br. Paul French, FSC
Brother Paul French, FSC

President Emeritus of Lewis University, served 40 years as a highly regarded faculty member at Lewis, as an academic administrator in many capacities and as the President who guided the University during the trying times of the late sixties and early seventies. He continued to teach at the Lewis University site in Chicago after “retirement” in 2003. A native of Grafton, N. D., Brother Paul earned his B.A. and M.Ed. degrees at Saint Mary’s College (now University) of Minnesota and a Ph.D. from Loyola University. He came to Lewis in 1963 and served as president from 1967-71. Creator of the Culture and Civilization program, he was named the first and only Distinguished Senior Professor at Lewis University, recognizing his many years as an extraordinary professor of English. Brother Paul’s interests include opera, theatre, and classical music.

Additional Brothers on Campus

Br. Moses A. Abunya, FSC
Brother Moses A. Abunya, FSC, Doctoral Student

Brother Moses is a doctoral student in the Educational Leadership program here at Lewis University. He assists in University Ministry and Student Services as he pursues his doctoral degree. Born in Nigeria, he earned an associate degree in Religious Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Education. Having joined the De La Salle Brothers in 1995, Brother Moses first served as the Vice Rector of the Brothers’ high school seminary and then as Rector for nine years. He recently earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership at Christian Brothers University in Memphis.

Br. Joel Dolan, FSC
Brother Joel Dolan, FSC A native of Chicago, Brother Joel is a retired librarian and archivist. He holds a B.S.S. and an M.A. from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, a B.S.L.S. from the College of St. Catherine, and an M.A.L.S. from Dominican University. In the 1970s, he served as Acting Librarian, Acting Supervisor, and Assistant Law Librarian at different times. From 1985-1998, he was a Reference Librarian. He also served as a volunteer Archivist until 2007. Brother Joel enjoys walking, following current events and learning about Irish culture.

Christian Brothers Who Serve as Members of the Lewis University Board of Trustees:

  • Brother Milton Barker, FSC
    Totino-Grace High School
    Executive Vice President

  • Brother Kevin Convey, FSC
    Christian Brothers of the Midwest
    Director of Mission and Education (Retired)

  • Brother Patrick Conway, FSC
    Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

  • Brother Dominic Ehrmantraut, FSC
    Christian Brothers University
    Vice President

  • Brother James Gaffney, FSC
    Lewis University

  • Brother Joseph Saurbier, FSC
    Christian Brothers of the Midwest
    Director of Administration and Operations

  • Brother Larry Schatz, FSC
    Christian Brothers of the Midwest