Military Service for Credit

Get the degree you deserve in less time. Demonstrate what you’ve learned through your military experience and the knowledge obtained and apply it to your degree. Military students receive close to 20% of their degree on average for military service/education through prior learning.

What Qualifies?

  • Military training documentation
  • Work products - samples of presentations, reports, technical or professional documents
  • Honors or awards
  • Licenses
  • Certificates of completion for training
  • Position descriptions
  • Digital media, including PowerPoint presentations, websites, games, or audio and video files that demonstrate your learning in action
  • Descriptions of military deployments
  • Organizational memberships
  • Evidence of volunteer work such as awards, newspaper articles, or letters of commendation
  • Find out more about PLA

Tailored Advisement

Learn how to maximize your VA benefits, your military experience for credit and the support to enable you to obtain your degree. Complete the form below for a tailored advisement session from the Director of Veterans Affairs at Lewis University.


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