Student Pledge

As a Lewis University student, I am expected to incorporate the values from our mission -knowledge, fidelity, wisdom, justice, and association- in the decisions I make every day. As part of my promise to Lewis University, I pledge to promote responsible stewardship of our environment and limited resources by incorporating some or all of the following practices in my everyday life:

  • Attending lectures, seminars, and classes to learn about environmental preservation topics.

  • Conserving energy by turning down thermostats, turning off lights and using compact fluorescent light bulbs.

  • Drinking tap water instead of bottled water when possible.

  • Joining College sponsored programs and groups devoted to sustainability

  • Reducing waste by using a reusable mug and water bottle, taking my own bags to the grocery store, donating used clothes and furniture to charity groups or others who can use them.

  • Think before I print or photocopy, and using the double-sided setting when I print.

  • Recycling plastic, paper, glass, aluminum and cardboard, etc.

  • Minimizing auto travel and walking or riding my bike whenever possible.

  • Unplugging electronics and chargers from the wall when not in use.