Our Mission

Student Wellness Center

The Student Wellness Center’s mission is to empower Lewis University students to maintain and enhance their physical and emotional health and well-being. Our multidisciplinary team provides access to quality, equitable health care, therapeutic services, prevention education and resources to support students' holistic health and well-being. 

Student Wellness Center


Our services are available to ALL registered and enrolled students. Whether you live on campus or commute, attend full-time or part-time, are an undergrad or grad student, we are here for you!

Health Services - Nurses provide care for minor illnesses or injuries, consultation, education and referrals. We offer testing for strep throat, COVID-19, Influenza (flu), urinary tract infection and can provide common over-the-counter medications for no cost. Visits are offered without co-pay and we do not bill health insurance for services. We also offer STI screening and orders for antibody titer testing. TB blood testing, some immunizations and labs are offered for a nominal fee to be billed on your student account as a general health service fee. There will not be any itemization of specific services or charges to protect privacy. Nurses will discuss any charges and services will be offered with student approval. Contact the Center at 815-836-5455 to schedule an appointment or for more information about Health Services. See Health Services tab for more information.

Counseling Services - Mental health practitioners provide individual and group counseling, consultations, care coordination and referrals. Please call the Center at 815-836-5455 or complete the online meeting request form. Groups and outreach education are also offered in collaboration with health services and other campus departments. See the Groups page, Student Life Calendar and follow @lifeatlewisu on Instagram for program offerings. See Counseling Services tab for more information.

The staff is a multi-disciplinary treatment team of health and mental health professionals. Nurse practitioners, counselors and administrators are dedicated to serving our campus community. The Center also employs student workers to assist with clerical duties. Student workers have limited access to patient information. All staff members sign a confidentiality agreement upon employment.

Hours of Operation

Student Wellness Center hours

Fall and Spring (August to May)
Monday through Friday: 8:30am - 5pm

Summer (June and July)
Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:30am - 5pm
Appointments are requested. Urgent care walk-ins on campus are available.

Call Center at 815-836-5455 to schedule or for counseling services complete the online meeting request form

*For services outside of Center hours, see our Timely Care telehealth partner.


The Student Wellness Center is located on the Lower Level of Mother Teresa. Enter through the north door, across from Brother James Gaffney Student Center, or enter through east door and take elevator to B for lower level.

Student Wellness Center phone: 815-836-5455

Health Services fax: 815-836-5567
Counseling Services fax: 815-836-5344


The Center strongly believes in maintaining the trust of our students and respecting privacy and confidentiality within the relationship. Staff members are committed to professional ethical standards and abide by state and federal laws regarding confidentiality. To ensure effective care for a student, the professional staff of the Center, working as a treatment team, may consult with one another.

Students desiring information be released to other persons (including faculty, staff, and parents) must sign a Release of Information Form for any communication with Center practitioners, otherwise information will not be disclosed.

Typical limits to confidentiality include critical situations where there appears to be a potential threat of safety to self or others, concerns of possible neglect or abuse involving minors, elderly or persons with disabilities, or a signed judge’s subpoena requesting information. If there are public health matters sharing information about contagion is required, students will be informed about this practice and providers will discuss process, protocols, and requirements with students.

Introducing Our Telehealth Services Partner, TimelyCare 
Lewis University now partners TimelyCare for 24/7 access to medical, mental health and well-being services offered by phone or video to augment the services of the Student Wellness Center. TimelyCare offers access to virtual health care for students from anywhere in the United States, at no-cost.

For more information, visit the Timely Care page. To access services,  go to www.timelycare.com/lewisu or download the TimelyCare app to access care. Use your Lewis University email to sign on to log in.

Frequently Asked Questions

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