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University Police Citation Appeal

A parking/traffic citation is issued when a parking or traffic regulation has been violated. It is the responsibility of the alleged violator to substantiate in an appeal that the regulation was not violated.

A citation may be appealed based on either factual error or extenuating circumstances within 7 calendar days of issuance. After this period has elapsed, the citation stands as written and will be billed.

Appeals using any of the situations/conditions listed below are NOT considered valid grounds for appeal:

  • Lack of knowledge of Universities Policies.
  • Parking in a location for only a “few minutes” where parking is not allowed.
  • Using your hazard lights to indicate that you are parking in an area where you are restricted from parking.
  • Using another improperly parked vehicle which was not cited as a reason why you should not have been cited.
  • Parking in areas that are restricted for your permit type. (ie: residents parked in commuter lots).
  • Inclement weather (rain, snow, wind).
  • Not having a visible permit.
  • Permit is improperly displayed.
  • Late for class.
  • Violation of handicapped parking areas without appropriate permits.
  • A borrowed or rented vehicle must have a temporary permit attached.
  • Loaning a car to another driver does not excuse the owner from violations incurred by that vehicle.
  • Inability to find convenient parking.

The appeal process:

  • The Deputy Chief of Police or his designee will review your appeal and determine whether:
    • The ticket will stand as written.
    • The violation and/or fine will be modified.
    • The ticket will be voided.

  • The decision rendered by the Deputy Chief of Police or his designee is final.
  • You will be notified via email of the outcome of your appeal.
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