Key/Access Card Approval


  • If an employee needs a key or an access card, the employee submits the request form to the department chair/supervisor for first level departmental approval.
  • Once first level department approval is granted, the request then goes to the Dean for his/her approval. For those departments that do not have Deans, the request would go to the respective department V.P. for approval.
  • If the request does not involve a master key, the request gets submitted to the Lewis University Police Department for processing. Provost approval is no longer needed.

With respect to the key request form, there are several sections to complete and instructions for completing the form are on page 2. Incomplete forms may delay processing. Basically, a key request form submitted to the police department needs to have Sections A, B & C completed. These sections explain who needs access to what, and when, and who is authorizing the access.

Request Form Sections:
  • SECTION A - Person Information. This is the information about the person who is going to be issued a key or access card.

  • SECTION B - Access Needed. This section describes what is needed (key and/or access card), what access is needed to, and what time(s) access is needed.

  • SECTION C - Approval Information. This section contains the approval name, signatures and dates from the above described key/access card approval process.

  • SECTION D - Internal Police Use. This is used internally in the police department to keep track of the requests status.

  • SECTION E - Key Agreement. The person who is to receive the key or card must sign a key agreement upon receipt of the key or card.
Processing Procedure:
With respect to key request processing, the procedure once we receive a request is as follows:
  • Lewis University Police Department submits key requests electronically to Facilities.
  • Facilities makes the keys and delivers them to the police department for issuance.
  • Lewis University Police Department programs and issues access cards.
  • Student Services programs and issues access cards for residence hall rooms.

It is extremely important that all lost keys or access cards get immediately reported to the employee's supervisor and to the Lewis University Police Department for access card deactivations and or/door re-coring if needed. When an employee leaves the service of the University, the key and/or access card must also be returned per University policy.

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