Campus Security Authorities

Campus Security Authorities

Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) are federally mandated crime reporters. The intent of including non-law enforcement personnel in the role of CSA is to acknowledge that some community members and students in particular may be hesitant about reporting crimes to the police, but may be more inclined to report incidents to other campus-affiliated individuals. To further encourage the timely reporting of incidents affecting the campus community, the Clery Act identifies four categories of CSAs: University Police; non-police security staff responsible for monitoring University property; people / offices designated under Lewis University policy as those to whom/which crimes should be reported; and “officials with significant responsibility for student and campus activities.”

CSA Crime Reporting

University CSAs are encouraged to report, on a timely basis, all crimes reported to them to University Police though, under the Clery Act, are only obligated to report Clery Act qualifying crimes which occurred on campus, in public areas bordering campus and in certain non-campus  buildings owned or controlled  by the University. CSAs should only report those crimes that have not been previously reported to University Police or another University CSA. A pastoral or professional counselor, who is functioning within that scope at the time a crime is reported, is not considered a CSA and not required to report crimes but is encouraged  to review crime reporting options with reporting parties.

When a crime is reported to a CSA, the CSA should first ask the reporting party if they would like to report the incident to University Police. If so, the CSA should contact University Police. If the reporting party does not want University Police contacted, for Clery Act qualifying crimes, the CSA must complete and submit a Campus Security Authority Crime Report Form. The Report Form can be submitted online, faxed or mailed (Lewis University Police, One University Parkways, Romeoville IL 60446) Note, if the reported crime or incident involves an emergency, the CSA should immediately contact the police. For additional information on the Clery Act, CSA crime reporting responsibilities, visit

CSAs have an important role in complying with the Clery Act, which was enacted to help create a safer University community.  Timely reporting of crimes by CSAs allows the University the opportunity to review whether or not a community Timely Warning should be issued and assists in maintaining accurate crime data.

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