Internal Event Request

This form to be completed by faculty/staff members only.

Important Notes:

  1. If this event involves a program includes participation by the President, the date must also be coordinated with his availability by calling ext. 5230

  2. This form must be received and approved for scheduling in the University Ministry Office a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event.

  3. No planning, arrangements, mailings or logistics should be arranged until the event has the University Ministry approval.
Today's Date: 3/28/2020

*Name of Event:

*Date of Event:

*Time of Event:

Time Room is needed (for set up and clean up):

From: To

*Number of People Attending:

*Sponsoring Department:

*Contact Person:

*Contact Phone:

*Contact Email:

*Room(s) Being Reserved: 

 D'Arcy Great Room
 Sancta Alberta Chapel
 Lewis Family Room

Room Set-Up
D'Arcy Great Room:

Resources needed: Style:

Number of Chairs:

Number of Tables:

 PC Laptop
 Computer/Hdmi cable

 Screen and Projector
*You will need to provide your own laptop.

 Formal Style 



Extra Tables:
      For Food


Sancta Alberta Chapel:

Resources needed: Special Requests:

Number of Chairs:

Number of Tables:

  • Must provide own laptop and projector
  • Sound system will not work with laptop
  • Contact Meetings, Events, and Conferences for technology

D’Arcy Great Room or hallway between Chapel and D’Arcy.
No food allowed in Sancta Alberta

*This Event supports:

 University Ministry
 Student Activity
 President's Office

*Please type the word :