If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to reach out to any of the staff members here in ministry:

Margaret Martinez -
Venus Wozniak -
Nia White -

Season of Gratitude Retreat

Season of Gratitude Retreat

This Busy Person's Retreat will allow participants to spend some intentional time reflecting on the good in life. Participants are given daily reflections and will be paired up with a one-on-one guide who will meet with them throughout the course of the retreat.

Fill Your Soul February

Fill Your Soul February

This retreat follows the same model as the Gratitude Retreat, but is a four-week journey during what can be a difficult month for many.


Koinonia Retreat

This retreat is held off campus at the beautiful LaSalle Manor in Plano, IL during the first weekend of April. As the school year nears the end, it provides an opportunity to celebrate the community and reflect on your personal journey, as well as consider new ways to grow in knowing God, yourself, and others.

Koinonia Student Leadership Team
The team prepares for this springtime retreat throughout the second semester by planning hospitality, training in small group facilitation, and preparing to share their stories. They invite undergraduate Lewis students to join in the fun and then facilitate the weekend.

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