Residence Life

Dining Services and Hours of Operation

Charlie's Place  
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm
Breakfast 7am-9:30am
Cont. Breakfast 9:30am-10:30am
Lunch 11:15am-1:15pm
Dinner 4:30pm-7pm
Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-6pm
Cont. Breakfast 9:30am-11am
Brunch 11am-1pm
Dinner 4:30pm-6pm
Flyers Den  
Monday-Friday 11am-Midnight
Saturday-Sunday 5pm-Midnight
Courtyard Café  
Monday-Friday 7am-11pm
Breakfast 7am-10:30am
Sand/Salad/Soup 11am-10pm
Saturday 10am-2pm
Common Grounds
Open 24 Hours  
Jazzman's Café
Monday-Friday 7am-7pm
Lewis University and Sodexo Food Services have created one of the most flexible food programs available on any college campus.

Questions about dining services can be directed to Sodexo staff in any dining location, the main office in Charlie's Place, or by phone at 815-836-5387.

How dining on campus works

Students use their ID cards to access their meal plan. Cards are non-transferable, and cannot be used by anyone but the purchaser. Meal plans are credited every Friday morning with the appropriate weekly food allowance; the dollar value will vary depending on the meal plan the student selects.

Meal card balance info

The amount of each purchase is deducted from the card and the remaining balance is printed on the student's receipt. Balances carry over from week to week and from first semester to second semester. However, balances do not carry over into the next school year.

Meal plans and rates

All new students are enrolled into Meal Plan II. Students can change their meal plan option within the first two weeks of the semester by going to the Business Office. See room and board rates for more information.


Menus and much more information about Sodexo Dining services is available on their webpage.

Dietary restrictions

To help students decide which items they might choose to eat, signs with each item indicate whether certain ingredients are contained within those items. While care and effort is made to prepare a variety of options that will meet the needs of most students, we know we cannot meet the needs of all students without special accommodations. Students with food allergies and other dietary restrictions, who cannot eat items prepared for the general public, can make special arrangements with Sodexo food services to have meals prepared that meet their needs. To arrange a meeting please contact the Student Services office at 815-836-5275, or email

Lost meal cards

Lost or stolen meal cards can be replaced. Should you lose your card, immediately contact the Food Service Office, located in Charlie's Place, at ext. 5387. A hold will be put on your meal card until a new card is issued.

Holidays and special occasions

During the summer and holidays Sodexo reserves the right to restrict dining choices. Periodically special university events also effect the hours of operation or the service students receive at certain venues. Check for postings and emails about any updates to dining services.