Furniture and Room Information

What pieces of furniture are included in each room?

Each student assigned to a room has the following furniture provided:
  • Bedframe, Extra Long Mattress & Mattress Cover
  • Desk & Desk Organizer (excluding Borromeo Northwest Tower)
  • Desk Chair (excluding Borromeo Northwest Tower)
  • Dresser
When space permits we try to provide each student with the following additional furniture items:
  • Bookshelf (two shelf unit)
  • Wardrobe or closet for hanging clothes.

What does the furniture look like? How can I set up my furniture?

The furniture provided in all residence halls is modular and designed to be moved around and stacked in a variety of ways, allowing for complete customization of your living space. Our furniture provider offers a number of resources to aid you in creatively and safely arranging your furniture into a position that suits your needs and wants. See the handout and YouTube clip below.


We have been in the process of upgrading each of our residence halls to this furniture for several years. There are still a few rooms on campus that might not have this style or have all of the pieces mentioned above.

When you arrive on campus, if you notice that you are missing anything that should be in your room according to your opening room condition report please bring it to our attention in the main office. Some rooms still have an older style of furniture made of metal and not suitable for stacking.

What is my room like? (Dimensions, bringing personal furniture, etc.)

General housing amenities and services are outlined on the hall amenities page.

Details about specific halls can be found on the Freshman Residence Halls or Upperclassmen & Graduate Residence Halls section of our webpage.

Room dimensions vary between and within halls. Some room dimensions can be seen in the hall features section. Students who are unsure about whether something will fit in his or her new space are advised to move in first, and then add additional items later.

Decorating, etc.

Poster putty and removable hooks (ie. 3M hooks) are recommended for decorating your room with posters and other items. Any damage to rooms such as screw and nail holes in walls will result in a damage charge.

Extension cords and surge protectors are recommended for your electronic devices. These should be UL listed, and care should be taken to not overload cords or room circuits. Please leave candles and incense home as these items cause a fire hazard within our halls.

Maintenance requests and damages

For damage or maintenance needs, residents should contact any Residence Life staff member. Repairs are made on a priority basis. Should a repair not be made within a reasonable period of time, students should follow up with the Office of Residence Life.

For more information about how to report issues with your room or hall see our page on maintenance requests.

Other amenities and services for residents

For an overview of amenities and services offered to residential students please view the Residence Hall Amenities Page.

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