Frequently Asked Questions


I am a new student to Lewis (freshmen or transfer). How can I apply for housing?
Housing applications are available on the myLewis portal Residence Life tab. Select the StarRez Housing link and it will lead to the application. Applications are processed by date of arrival in the Office of Residence Life.

I am a returning student (current resident or commuter) How may I apply for housing?

Housing applications for current Lewis students are available online through the online records management links. Current students apply for upcoming academic year housing through the room selection process, which occurs in March of each year.

Can I request a specific roommate?
Yes, provided you are qualified to live in the residence hall you are requesting. First year students will be assigned only to the first year living environments.

Can I request a specific residence hall?
Yes, provided you are qualified to live in the residence hall you are requesting. First year students will be assigned only to the first year living environments.
All students rank their top residence hall and room type preferences on the housing application. This is not a guarantee of being placed in your top choice as assignments in all buildings and room types are subject to availability.

Is there an application deadline?
No. Students may apply for housing at any time during the semester provided there is space available. However, applications are processed by the date received in the Office of Residence Life, therefore, students with specific requests should apply early.


When will I find out my room assignment?
All resident students will receive a mailing by July providing basic information about living on campus at Lewis. Included in this mailing will be your room assignment, the name and phone number of your roommate (if applicable), and a list of what to bring. Additionally, check-in information for both new and returning students will be included in the mailing.

How long are the beds? Do I need "extra long" sheets?
Yes. The mattresses are extra long measuring 36 x 80 inches. Extra long sheets are recommended and available at various retail stores.

What should I bring?
 What to Bring and Not to Bring

Are pets allowed?
Fish are the only pets allowed in the residence halls.

Are lofts allowed?
Lewis University has a no loft policy in the residence halls.

May I bring my own furniture?
Yes. Students may bring in tasteful furniture in good condition; however, all University furniture must remain in the room.

When do the residence halls open for fall semester?
New freshmen students move into the residence halls on the Wednesday prior to the start of classes and participate in a Welcome Week. All Upperclassmen students move back into the residence halls on the Friday prior to the beginning of classes.

Is there elevators in the halls?
De La Salle South, Dorothy Day, Mother Teresa, North, Pope John Paul II and Sheil Halls are the only residence halls that have elevators.

May I have a car on campus?
Yes. All resident students may have a car on campus. All vehicles must be registered with the Lewis University Police Department and students must annually obtain the parking permit and have it properly displayed on their vehicle. The free permit is obtained online through PermitExpress¬ģ and is accessed using the University’s MyLewis web portal. Resident permits will be mailed to the student.

Is there carpeting in the room?
All residence hall rooms have tiled flooring.


How often are the rooms cleaned?

Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms. Housekeeping staff is responsible cleaning the public areas (hallways, lounges, etc.) and public restrooms. These areas are cleaned daily Monday through Friday.

Residents in section-style housing are responsible for cleaning their own section restrooms. Basic cleaning supplies will be provided by housekeeping staff and brooms, dustpans, and mops are available to check out in the Office of Residence Life.

May students leave their belongings in the room during breaks?
Students may leave belongings in their rooms for all breaks except over the summer. Students are encouraged to take home all valuables during break periods, as the University is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Break periods include Fall break (October), Thanksgiving break (November), Winter break (December to January), Spring break (March), Easter break (March/April) and Summer break (May to August).

Where do students go to do their laundry?
Every residence hall has laundry facilities appropriate for the number of students within the building. Resident students have unlimited access to these free facilities.

What does a student do if they are having roommate problems?
Students are encouraged to utilize the Resident Assistants, Peer Ministers and Residence Life Coordinators within the residence halls to resolve conflicts between roommates. Conflicts that cannot be resolved should be brought to the attention of the Assistant Director of Residence Life for further assistance

What can I do if I get sick?
Free medical and counseling services are available to the Lewis University students through the Student Wellness Center during normal business hours. The Lewis University Police Department and Residence Life staff are on duty to respond to after hour emergencies. If deemed necessary, emergency medical services will be initiated.


Are the halls locked?
All residence halls entrance/exit doors are locked. These doors are only accessible by key/keycard. All other doors are for emergency use only. Only the residents of a building can gain access to their residence hall with their residence hall room key/keycard.

Is there staff that live in the residence halls?
Yes. The Residence Life staff and Peer Ministers live in the residence halls. Each hall has between one and four Resident Assistants and Peer Ministers living with the students. Additionally, there is one graduate student - the Residence Life Coordinator - living in most buildings.

Are there curfews in the residence halls?
No. All of our halls have a visitation policy restricting the hours that guests may be present but there is no curfew.

Should students get insurance for belongings brought to campus?
Students are encouraged to check their parents' homeowners insurance. Many homeowners insurance plans will cover students' belongings while away at college. Lewis University is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items, therefore, having insurance is recommended.

Is there a campus escort service?
Yes. Lewis University Police offers a foot escort service upon request.

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