Work Orders

The Office of Residence Life is available 24 hours every day of the year to help residents with concerns they may be experiencing. The following information is provided to help us help you. Always remember that we might not know about an issue in your room or hall. It can never hurt to share what you see or what bothers you because we want you to feel safe and comfortable while you live on campus.

Specific Concerns

To help you understand some of the most common issues students in the residence halls face, please review the following information.

Heating and Air Conditioning issues:

  • If your room feels too hot or too cold and the thermostat in your room is not helping to regulate the temperature please contact your RA or RLC immediately.
  • Residence Life staff works with the facilities department to determine levels for comfortable and safe temperatures seasonally. Our goal is always to provide a comfortable living environment, but emergency repairs will only be made to those outside of the safe temperature guidelines.
  • Please note: no student may install their own air conditioning unit. Only those provided by the university and installed by the facilities department are permitted.
  • Please note: opening windows during winter months causes significant stress on HVAC systems and may have adverse effects for other areas of your building. If your room is too hot during cold weather months please adjust the thermostat in your room rather than opening the window.

Key/ Keycard/ Proxy lost or broken:

  • Always report lost or stolen keys to campus police immediately. To ensure your safety, locks can be changed and cards can be deactivated, sometimes at the student's expense.
  • During business hours come to the office of residence life to fill out a key request form.
  • We try our best to have new keys made within 24 hours of any request.
  • Locks that malfunction or present unusual behavior such as lights flashing or beeps sounding, can be reported via email to Please provide as much specific detail as you can about the issue.

Laundry machines malfunctioning/out of order:

  • Contact a residence life staff member at your earliest convenience with as much detail about the issue such as warning codes on the screen, when you first noticed the problem, and any other signs or symptoms you notice.

Lights go out, circuit breakers are overloaded:

  • Contact residence life as soon as possible. Be sure to mention the exact room and building of the concern.
  • If you notice this happening on a regular basis be sure to alert your RA or our office so the facilities staff can look into it.
  • Please note: there is a designated outlet for the microfridge unit in each room. It is possible that if your microfridge is not in the proper outlet it will trip the breaker. If you need help identifying this outlet please contact your RA.

Pest concerns:

  • Once pests such as insects and mice become an issue it is more difficult to deal with them. The best course of action is proactive steps such as keeping your room clean, and keeping food in sealed, air tight containers.
  • If you notice signs of mice or insects such as ants, bees, and other pests please alert your RAs and RLC immediately, the earlier we treat these issues the easier.

Vandalism and damages:

  • Damages in residence rooms and common areas can be reported at any time to your RA or RLC. This is encouraged so that you have the most comfortable living environment as possible.
  • Please note: any damages determined to be intentional or malicious in nature will be charged as vandalism. Vandalism in common areas will be charged to the whole community unless a certain person or persons are found to be responsible.

All Other Concerns

For all other types of concerns such as burned out light bulbs, broken furniture, water not getting hot, dripping faucets, clogged drains/ toilets, etc. Please alert Residence Life Staff using the two steps below:

  1. Mon-Fri after 5pm or on weekends: Contact University Police at 815-836-5222 or ext. 5222, or Residence Life Staff below:

    Resident Assistant On-call Phone
    Founders and North
    Sheil, South, St. Charles Borromeo (North and South)
    Cody, Ryan, De La Salle (North and South)
    Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day
  2. Provide details for the work order. What information is needed?
    • Details of concern. What is happening or not happening?
    • Location of concern. Please be exact and provide hall, room number and area within room.
    • How long has this been a concern? Has this happened before?
    • Your name and a contact number and/or email.

What to do after making a complaint?

Our goal is always to either provide a resolution or have a timetable for completion within 72 hours of a request. If you notice your request hasn't been completed within a few days please follow up with residence life staff so that we can provide an update for you.

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