Event Evaluation

Please submit the completed form to the Student Organization Resource Center Office no later than 30 DAYS after the completion of your event. Forms will not be acceptd after that time. Completed forms are used to validate your involvement as a student organization with the Lewis community.

Event Information:

Organization Name:

*Name of Event: 

*Date of Event:(mm/dd/yyyy) 
A value is required.

*Attendance at Event: 

Cost of Event: 

Net Profit of Event: 

Evaluation Information:

*Brief Summary of Event: 

*Overall Student Reaction:

*Suggestions for Improvement:  

*As a person planning/running this event, which skills were you called upon to use? (choose all that apply)
Time management
Financial Management
Conflict Resolution
Public Speaking
Written Communication

*What do you think people who came to this event got out of it? (choose all that apply) 
It was a fun & social event.
It was interesting and people learned something new.
It gave them something to think about.
It created discussion.
It let students share their opinion about a topic.
It got people to meet others and build new relationships.
It was boring or not engaging.

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