Student Governing Board

Vote for SGB President & Vice President

Brittani Alston
President Candidate

My name is Brittani Alston and I am a junior majoring in Music Merchandising and minoring in Music Technology/Marketing. My involvement in the Student Governing Board started my freshman year and I am currently the president. I love working in this organization because it gives me a reason to serve the student body and strive to improve campus life. My campaign last year focused on creating a greater presence for SGB and encouraging students to use SGB as a resource. However, I understand change is a slow process and it cannot all be done in a year. If you vote for me this election cycle, I will strive to continue positive change on campus.

Amanda Jones
Vice President Candidate

During my 3 years at Lewis, I have been involved in many organizations and held executive board positions that have prepared me for the Vice President position. I have also been involved with student governing board for 2 years as a representative, which has given me insight to how things are run. I have learned from previous Vice Presidents what a good leader is. I hope to be an agent of change for next year’s executive board and be a voice for the student body because you deserve a voice. The Vice President is in charge of a lot of event planning and I have a passion for planning and organization. For the past year I have worked for the SORC office. This has given me experience working with organizations and hope to continue to foster those relationships. I am dedicated, hardworking and take everything I do seriously. If elected I hope to be an agent of change for you and would be honored to represent you this upcoming school year.