Examination Procedures

  1. Students taking examinations in CASE must schedule at least 48 hours in advance.  Students also need to notify instructors at least 48 hours in advance that they will be testing in CASE.  Walk in testing without prior scheduling will not be allowed.   Failure to schedule examinations in advance could result in the inability to use this accommodation.

    To schedule examinations, please contact 815-836-5593.

  2. Students are required to complete quizzes and examinations on the SAME day that the class is taking the examination.  Scheduling of examinations on days before or after the actual testing day will NOT be allowed.  An alternate time on the same day can be arranged.

  3. Students needing an examination read to them need to schedule one week in advance at a day/time convenient for both the student and the reader.  If not scheduled in advance, a reader may not be available for the student.

  4. Final examinations MUST be scheduled and completed during the final examination schedule (see course schedule).  Alternative scheduling of final examinations (other days/times) will NOT be allowed.