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Resume Writing

A resume is a written summary of your qualifications for a particular job or type of employment. The purpose of a resume is to make the employer interested in you and invite you in for an interview. Your resume should include the following:


Your name, present and permanent address, and phone numbers with area code should be shown. You may include your e-mail

Career Objective

This should be a statement that informs the employer of the type of employment you are seeking.


Provide name of degree(s) received, name of school(s), city and state, date of graduation or anticipated date of graduation. Include major and minor areas of study and GPA if 3.0 or higher. List the most recently attended institution first. High school


This should include a list of job titles or internship positions along with the company name, city, state and dates of employment. This should be followed by a brief description of your duties, responsibilities and accomplishments. Other headings for this category: Work Experience, Related Experience or Additional

Additional Headings

These may include but are not limited to: Relevant Courses, Internship, Computer Skills, Academic Honors, Military Experience, Professional Affiliations, Activities, Associations, etc. Depending on where the most relevant information lies, you can choose which of these can be included or add any other

References or Credentials

References should not be listed on the resume. See the reference sheet sample for information. If you have a credential file, your resume should indicate: Credential File Available Upon Request, Lewis University, Career Services, Box

More Resume Tips!!

  • Try to limit your resume to one page. Some companies will only review one page, so pertinent information needs to be first. If you have extensive work history, then limit it to two pages.

  • Use clear, concise descriptions of work experiences.

  • Use action verbs to begin each statement.

  • Try to stay away from repetition of words. It could distract your reader.

  • Avoid the use of personal pronouns such as "I", "He", "She", etc.

  • Proofread carefully. Check dates, names, locations, spelling, and structure. Read it several times and then have several others read it before printing a final copy.

  • Resumes should be written and printed using a computer (a laser printer would be preferred).

  • If you would like to see resume examples, visit the Career Services library for samples from various fields.

  • For additional help with resume writing, make an appointment to see a career counselor. Bring a rough draft of your resume to your appointment.

  • Font size of 10 to 12 is recommended.

  • Use quality bond paper in a neutral color such as white, ivory, or light gray

Sample #1: Entry-Level Candidate

Sample #2: Experienced Candidate


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