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Employers Recruitment Services

Welcome to Lewis University Career Services! We are proud to offer you an opportunity to recruit our students and alumni. Our office provides a number of services to assist employers in the recruitment process. Descriptions are listed below:

  • Career Expo - A professional job/internship fair held on the campus of Lewis University every spring, exclusively for Lewis University students and alumni. Employers are invited to recruit students and alumni for their internships and full-time, degree-requiring positions - entry level through experienced.

  • Career Library – Employer brochures, contact information, and employment advertisements are kept on file in the career library for students’ use. Company information may be sent to our office via mail, electronically, or fax at (815) 838-4614.

  • Hall Visits/On-campus Recruitment – Employers may meet and conduct informal interviews with interested students.

  • JOBNET – Post your employment opportunities and access student and/or alumni cover letters and resumes online.

    JOBNET provides a listing of part-time and full-time employment opportunities. JOBNET also provides a list of internship opportunities that are relative to the majors offered at Lewis University. There is no fee required for postings. The posting types are as follows: Full-Time & Degree Requiring; Full-Time & Non-Degree Requiring; An Internship; Part-Time & Degree-Requiring; Part-Time & Non-Degree Requiring; Salaried or Hourly (100% commission positions will not appear in the system); Non-entrepreneurial (i.e. a company that sponsors an individual to set up a business for the purposes of selling products or services and/or recruiting other individuals to set up their own business); U.S. based; In accordance to our university values/mission.

  • On-campus Interviews – Full-day appointments are scheduled to conduct a series of formal interviews on Lewis’ campus. Recruiters have the option to schedule multiple days for interviews to accommodate students. On-campus interviews are for Lewis students only.

  • Part-time Job & Internship Fair - An annual event held during the fall semester where employers are invited to campus in order to recruit for their part-time and non-degree requiring positions as well as their internship opportunities. This event is exclusively for Lewis University students and alumni.

Participation in any of the above services is at the discretion of the Career Services Office.

Lewis University also offers services that are available to employers through the Illinois Small College Placement Association (ISCPA). ISCPA is a consortium of 24 colleges throughout Illinois that organizes large-scale job fairs and placement programs that serve all of the schools. For more information regarding the following

  • CareerFest - ISCPA conducts this annual college job fair. Typically, over 150 corporations are represented at this event. CareerFest is not open to the public and is restricted to students and alumni of the member schools.

  • Interview Network - Formal interviews with students and alumni of all member schools can be arranged through Lewis’ Career Services office.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in one or more of these programs, please contact Career Services at (815) 836 5282.


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