Career Services

Career Action Planning

First Year - Exploration

  • Obtain Career Planning Guide
  • Attend career preparation workshops hosted by Career Services
  • Explore interests, abilities, and skills through general education coursework
  • Take a career assessment in Career Services
  • Meet with a career counselor to discuss results of career assessment
  • Formulate career ideas/questions
  • Join college organizations to broaden campus involvement and develop leadership skills
  • Start a career information file or notebook to collect and organize research all in one place
  • Identify at least four skills employers want such as excellent communication skills and work towards developing those skills (see Career Services for assistance, if needed)
  • Familiarize yourself with the career services web site and available resources at
  • Investigate “What Can I Do With This Major?” on Career Services web site
  • Create an account on JOBNET ( to see all career related events on and off campus and to view internships

Summer Activities

  • Research occupations in the Occupational Outlook Handbook on the web (
  • Gain opportunities to job shadow and participate in an informational interview
  • Get a part-time job or volunteer in the community in areas similar to career interests

Second Year - Identification

  • Attend career preparation workshops hosted by Career Services
  • Work towards a leadership position in a student organization
  • Join at least one on-campus organization related to your major
  • Meet with an academic advisor in Career Services to discuss and declare your major
  • Take an introductory class in a major you are considering
  • Update your career information file or notebook with new research
  • Develop a draft of your resume and have it reviewed by Career Services
  • Conduct informational interviews with upper-class students and professionals; ask about; their major and job experiences
  • Continue to communicate with an alumni mentor or begin to pursue one

Summer Activities

  • Review your options for work and volunteer opportunities during the school year to enhance your work skills and build your resume
  • Read one book or biography that relates to a career you find interesting
  • Update JOBNET profile (contact Career Services if you forgot your username and password)

Junior Year - Preparation

  • Attend career preparation workshops hosted by Career Services
  • Review progress in learning and developing four skills employers look for
  • Run for leadership positions in clubs and organizations
  • Investigate graduate schools and required entrance exams
  • Research potential employers online and network with alumni in your selected job market
  • Review internship opportunities
  • Attend CareerFest (all majors) to explore internship opportunities
  • Secure a summer internship
  • Update and review your career information file or notebook
  • Practice interviewing skills by participating in mock interviews
  • Start saving and shopping for your professional wardrobe (see Career Services for examples of professional attire)
  • Update your resume and post it on JOBNET
  • Gather letters of recommendation from faculty or employers

Summer Activities

  • Excel at your summer internship
  • Learn all you can about the company you intern with and your career field in general
  • Update JOBNET profile
  • Continue to communicate with your alumni mentor

Senior Year - Achievement

  • Attend career preparation workshops hosted by Career Services
  • Develop a contact list of individuals who are willing to serve as professional references
  • Visit JOBNET weekly for updates on job fairs and employment opportunities
  • Participate in a mock interview with Career Services
  • Update and review your career information file or notebook
  • Decide on the type of career or graduate program you are seeking
  • Attend CareerFest (all majors) or TeacherFest (Education majors)
  • Apply to the graduate schools of your choice and register to take required entrance exams
  • Read two or more professional or trade publications from your major and/or career field to keep on top of current trends/needs
  • Attend on- and off-campus interviewing opportunities
  • Gather information on realistic salary expectations at and
  • Follow up on all applications and keep a record of the status of each. Always send a thank you e-mail and/or note within two days after an interview
  • Evaluate job offers and accept one
  • Report new job title, company and location to Career Services!
  • Consider becoming an Alumni Mentor

Lewis University Career Services Office
Located in Benilde Hall inside of LARC

Phone: (815) 836-5282



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