Recycling on Campus

RECYCLE these items

  • Paper: newspaper, office paper, construction paper, envelopes (with or without plastic windows), interoffice envelopes (including closure string and metal closure), magazines, catalogs, telephone books, paper ream covers, gift wrapping paper (excluding metallic), chipboard/paperboard, flattened cardboard boxes, soft cover books, paper cups (without wax lining), paper lunch bags, frozen food boxes, pizza boxes ( no melted cheese and empty).

  • Recycling
  • Plastic: Plastic bottles and containers numbered 1-5 (look at the bottom of your item and there will be a number inside the recycling symbol), laundry bottles, conditioner bottles, shampoo bottles, margarine tubs, milk jugs, squeezable bottles, yogurt containers, pop bottles, water bottles and peanut butter jars and much more. INCLUDE the lids or caps.

  • Glass: bottles and jars with or without labels, rinsed or with minor food residue.

  • Tin/Aluminum: Tin soup and coffee cans -with or without labels, rinsed or with minor food residue. Aluminum cans rinse or not without the pop tab, aluminum foil that is clean or without food residue, aluminum temporary bake ware and empty aerosol cans. 

Please dump out any liquid before putting items in the recycling bins. Do not waste water to fully rinse out all your items, with the growth in recycling technology minor residue is accepted.

LANDFILL these items

  • Chip bags, candy wrappers, Styrofoam, toweling/tissues, photo paper, cups with an inner wax lining, and number 6 & 7 plastics.

Since these items cannot be recycled through a program at Lewis University, be creative and find ways to avoid them.

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