Oak Point University Student FAQs

Will all my credits transfer to Lewis?
In accordance with Higher Learning Commission (HLC) guidelines, Lewis University will accept all credits earned toward your degree completion. Lewis University is a teach-out institution for Oak Point University.

Oak Point University

Will my tuition increase?
Your tuition and fees at Lewis University will not exceed your tuition and fee charges at Oak Point. In some cases, your overall cost of attendance may be lower.

Will I be eligible for financial aid at Lewis?
Students who elect to participate in the teach-out option with Lewis University will become Lewis students, and financial aid will be awarded according to Lewis’s policies and guidelines.

Where will I attend class?
Lewis offers students flexibility with options for classes online or in-person. Lewis University currently offers courses online and in-person in Chicago, Oak Brook, and Romeoville.

When do classes start?
The start of the Lewis Summer Session begins on May 13. Every effort will be made to assist Oak Point students in starting classes at that time or later, if they prefer.

Do I need to submit my transcripts?
No, you do not need to separately request your transcripts to be sent to Lewis. As soon you notify Lewis of your intent to enroll, your transcripts will be provided to Lewis from Oak Point.

How do I access my transcripts if I don’t continue with Lewis?
After the official Oak Point closure, Lewis will be the custodian for Oak Point student transcripts. Former Oak Point students and alumni will continue to request transcripts through Parchment here.

Do I have to apply for admission to Lewis?
No, Oak Point students will be able to seamlessly enroll at Lewis. Oak Point students who do not want to continue their studies at Lewis, should email Ashley Skidmore, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Lewis University, at skidmoas@lewisu.edu.

Will I be able to complete my degree on my current timeline?
Every effort will be made to ensure that Oak Point students remain on track to earn their degrees and certifications on their current timeline.

What are my next steps?
Continue to read your email for essential information about Lewis. There will be meetings, drop-in sessions, and transfer program opportunities available to all Oak Point students in April.

Will Lewis award financial aid and scholarships?
Yes, Lewis is approved to offer all federal and state financial aid programs through the FAFSA application process.

When can I meet with a Lewis representative?
Lewis representatives will be at the Oak Point University Oak Brook location from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 2 to meet individually with students about admission, financial aid and academic advising. Additional dates to meet students in Oak Brook, Wicker Park and online will be announced.

Can I schedule a visit to Lewis?
Yes, Lewis will email you information on how to schedule a visit to Lewis as an Oak Point student. Also, Romeoville campus visits can be scheduled at lewisu.edu.

Are Lewis programs accredited?
Lewis University is a member of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, and our programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Is Lewis the only option I have to complete my degree? 
As an approved teach-out institution for Oak Point, Lewis can offer you many benefits including; acceptance of all credits toward your degree, a commitment to maintaining your timeline to graduation, and no increase to tuition charges. However, Oak Point students can contact other universities to explore transfer options with them. 

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