Lewis University Unveils Continuing Education Programs

Lewis University Unveils Continuing Education Programs to Meet Industry Demand

Published: December 11, 2023.

In a significant stride toward enhancing lifelong learning opportunities, Lewis University launched its Continuing Education initiative online at 

Lewis University Continuing Education provides a comprehensive learning experience through its portfolio of diverse courses, from career-specific certifications to personal and professional development learning. These courses aim to impart knowledge and cultivate transferable skills crucial for thriving in today's competitive job market.

In today's rapidly evolving job market, the ability to upskill and reskill is paramount. The Lewis University comprehensive catalog of courses offers professionals a quick and convenient way to acquire new knowledge and competencies without having to enroll in a degree program.

Lewis University’s partnership with Ed2Go features a robust and competitively-priced catalog of professional development and continuing education offerings in two formats.

Advanced Training Courses - The Advanced Training courses, expertly developed to ensure relevance and depth, offer a flexible learning approach. Open enrollments allow learners to start at any time, and with up to 18 months of access, learning is convenient. Each course has a dedicated student advising team, providing continuous support throughout your learning journey.

Fundamental Courses: - Choose the learning style that suits you best with Fundamental Courses. For those who thrive in a structured environment, the instructor-led courses provide interaction with a cohort over a six-week schedule. Alternatively, the self-paced courses cater to the independent learner, offering immediate access to all lessons with up to three months to complete.

Another partnership with Coursera enables the offering of "All You Can Learn" subscriptions. With a Career Academy unlimited learning subscription, learners at all stages of their careers can explore diverse career paths and develop real-world skills through hands-on learning in areas such as data analytics, digital marketing, data science, and more. These Professional Certificates give learners high-demand skillsets from globally recognized organizations like Google, Meta and IBM.  

Designed to focus on in-demand sectors, Lewis University's Continuing Education program encompasses critical industries such as health, cybersecurity, business, and analytics. The curated programs and courses are not just about education but about empowering individuals with practical power skills aligned with market needs.

Lewis University's Continuing Education initiative exemplifies their dedication to lifelong learning. As the world continues to evolve, Lewis University remains steadfast in its commitment to preparing individuals not just for jobs, but for fulfilling and enduring careers.

Lewis University is an innovative Catholic university offering market-relevant undergraduate and graduate programs to 6,500 students. Sponsored by the De La Salle Christian Brothers, Lewis University is nationally recognized for preparing intellectually engaged, ethically grounded, and globally-connected graduates who impact the world for the better. Visit www.lewisu.edu for further information.

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