Presidential Statement Regarding Disruption at U.S. Capitol

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Presidential Statement Regarding the Unprecedented Disruption at the U.S. Capitol Building

Published: January 7, 2021.

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

The unprecedented disruption of the congressional process at our U.S. Capitol Building yesterday and the civil unrest that followed throughout the country was truly disturbing. These actions continue to amplify the deep divisions within our country and represent an unacceptable and disheartening threat to our democracy.

Resorting to violence instead of dialogue has no place in our society.

Unprecedented events have characterized this polarizing election cycle. For over 200 years, our country has come together peacefully to inaugurate presidents and transition power. The democratic principles of the United States of America, which embraces, affirms and accepts all, are a beacon of hope to the entire world. There is and always will be far more that unites rather than divides us.

As I began my presidency, I spoke to the university community about the importance of conversation as a grounding activity in any university community.  Conversation can often be hard and difficult, but it is essential. As Lasallians, we are committed to civility in our discourse and respect for each individual in our actions. In moments like those that we experienced as a country yesterday, I urge you to extend our Sanctified Zone beyond the physical campus to the broader community.

We will create opportunities throughout the upcoming semester to engage more deeply in dialogue about the meaning and practice of civil discourse and democracy.  With the spring semester beginning in less than two weeks, just after we as a country commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we must not forget the painful legacy of institutional racism as we continue to strive toward justice.

I understand that these recent events in addition to the pandemic and other life stressors can be overwhelming. Our university has many resources available for those needing additional support. Students can schedule an appointment with the Center for Health & Counseling Services at 815-836-5455 or on the Counseling Center website. Employees and their families can speak with counselors at 800-456-6327 and access Perspectives, our Employee Assistance Program, online resources at as well.

Let us all pray for healing, peace and a future of greater empathy and understanding.

Many blessings,
Dr. David Livingston

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