You Can Never Visit Home

Contacted a friend who lives in Delhi and he’s going to host me for the final few days of my trip. We met in a hip-hop class at the Romeoville, Illinois Lifetime Fitness Center. On his last day of his extended visit in the United States, he announced to the class: “If any of you are ever in India . . . “ And now here I am. While I am in Delhi, I hope to meet up with my niece, who has been doing study abroad in different parts of India and Sri Lanka.

Two weeks from today, I will back home in Chicago, taking out the trash, driving my wife to work, and running in the Chicago cold with my Border Collie, Special Kaye. My visit to India underscores the philosophy of visiting: being a visitor is passing through and having little or no no responsibilities. People say the Earth is our home, but for the length of time we’re here, people treat it like place to visit rather than like a home. If, however, we look beyond our individual short visits on the planet and recognize that the planet is what nourishes any and all people who come after us, we are more apt to think of the earth as our home rather than a hotel. Once we’re finished our visits, we don’t usually can back the hotel and say: Now how are you doing?

It’s time for a paradigm shift. Instead of trashing the earth like a hotel by rock band, we need to treat the planet like “home sweet home.”

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