Working from Home Without Losing Your Marbles

For some of us working, and leading, from home is both a recent requirement and our new reality. Added to this is that now, our kids are with us learning from home!

As I’ve watched myself, my wife and children adjust to this new reality, a few important lessons have emerged to help us be productive or, at the very least, keep our sanity.

Here are our top three lessons for working, and learning, from home.

  1. Set a schedule. After a day of winging it, we now know when we are working, resting, having recess and lunch and being quiet. For the kids, they are coming from a structured environment. Keeping a structure, albeit more relaxed, has helped us establish a rhythm and get something done.
  2. Designate a workspace. I’d have the entire house be the ‘office!’ But…not so much for the rest of the clan. We, now, have our places to work and our places to ‘get away.’
  3. Keep it clean. The more clutter in the house, the more clutter in our minds. Hard to learn and work when there is chaos all around.

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One thought on “Working from Home Without Losing Your Marbles

  1. Elena Withers
    March 24, 2020 at 6:37 am

    Each of these 3 lessons can be identified as best practices for creating a functional and effective work at home experience.

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