Why Major in Computer Science at Lewis University?

computersA student group at Lewis is sponsoring an event to help those undecided about their major figure out what they’d like to study. To help them make the right choice, I put together a one-page bulleted list on why Computer Science will open doors for them. I consider myself somewhat of a Computer Science evangelist. This is ironic, since I’m actually an Electrical Engineer by education. Sometimes converts make the most spirited and relentless preachers.

It’s time for me to live up to my calling and do a little preaching, I reckon. I’m going to level with you. There is no major that is as cutting-edge, dynamic, challenging, and empowering as Computer Science. If you’re looking to change the world, and you can’t rap and your beats lack rhythm and you’re not a baller and some days you let them see you sweat even though you’re not supposed to because you just can’t help it, you’ll find your salvation in Computer Science.

Here’s why you or someone you love should major in Computer Science:

  • 270,000 new jobs for Computer Scientists by 2020
  • Average starting salary: $58,000
  • Average salary overall: $98,000
  • One of the lowest unemployment rates for new graduates (7.7%)
  • Computer Scientists are the key to every modern convenience we enjoy.
  • Computer Scientists find work in every industry sector.
  • Computer Scientists specialize in solving important, complicated problems.
  • The United States faces a critical shortage of Computer Scientists.
  • Computer Science is the major feeder for jobs in information security and is therefore critical to our country’s safety.
  • Computer Scientists develop smartphone and tablet apps.
  • Computer Scientists develop robotics and automation systems.
  • Computer Scientists develop entertaining video games and cutting-edge multimedia technology.

And here’s why you or someone you love should major in Computer Science at Lewis University specifically:

  • 100% job placement in 2013
  • About half of our 100 students work internships and / or summer jobs in computer-related fields.
  • A 13-member Advisory Board provides opportunities and mentorship for our students.
  • Frequent guest presentations by industry experts.
  • Four brand new, state-of-the-art labs.
  • Four highly sought-after concentrations: Cyber Security Science, Video Game and Simulation Development, Web and Mobile Development, and Computational Theory.
  • Opportunities to do undergraduate research.
  • A unique five-year program that enables students to earn both a Computer Science and a Master of Science in Information Security degree in just five years.
  • Three student groups, including the Prometheon Technology Club, the Association for Computing Machinery, and the Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society for Computer Science.
  • Small classes taught by expert and dedicated teachers.
  • An emphasis on group projects and collaboration that parallels real-world experience.
  • We strive for and achieve an empowering blend of theory and practice. You don’t learn just the theory behind why things work. You actually learn how to use the tools that industry practitioners use. Likewise, you don’t just use tools, because button-pushing is beneath you and is better suited to lesser tech-oriented majors. Instead, you learn to use the tools informed by your understanding of how and why they work and what their results actually mean.

Surely I’ve persuaded you to study Computer Science at Lewis. If not, you need to do some soul-searching, friend. I’ll be breaking out my hellfire-and-brimstone sermon in my next post. That’s not a read for the easily frightened, so it’s best to convert now before I present my best “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” adaptation to you. I’ll call it “Scholars at the Mercy of an Inferior Degree” and burn parchment in protest of your poor choices.

Yes, sometimes I get carried way. The bottom line is this: Computer Science is a damn interesting field that offers unequaled career opportunity. I suppose that’s all this holy roller really needed to write in the first place.


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