What happens to 100 students who enter college?

The Education Advisory Board is a higher education consulting firm based out of Washington D.C. that provides research and trend analysis to better inform higher education leaders. Lewis has been a member since 2012.

This particular research report discovered that for every 100 students who start a bachelor degree:

  *   Twenty-two will fail to earn any credential.
  *   Twelve are still enrolled six years after they started.
  *   Three will earn an associate degree
*   Twenty-eight will graduate, but will not be working a job that required a bachelor’s degree.
  *   Thirty-five will graduate and end up working in a job requiring their degree.

Depending on your point of view, this could be viewed as an indictment of higher education or a positive sign as 78% earned a credential beyond a high school diploma.

At a minimum, it is thought-provoking and a conversation starter as to whether we are doing all that we can to help students chart the right path and succeed.

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Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Planning at Lewis University Skilled in Strategic Planning, Recruiting, Public Speaking, Media Relations and Curriculum Development.

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