The New Foundational Skills of the Digital Economy

Smart Cities are leading the way.

A report released by Burning Glass Technologies, reviewed their database of more than 150 million online job postings to better understand the skills employers seek in their new employees. With a focus on “smart cities”, defined as having a population of over 600,000 and ranking highly on technology adoption, they looked to benchmark foundational skills from these locations versus the rest of the country.

What did they find?

  • Demand is greater for every new foundational skill in smart cities.
  • Despite the growing demand for digital skills, human skills are also in higher demand.
  • The more skills a job demands corresponds positively with salary levels.

What does this mean for the future?

Cities across the globe are enhancing their digital infrastructure and this has implications for future workers across all career areas. Students should seek out opportunities to enhance these skills throughout their educational journey.

A unique approach at Lewis has been the launch of a new academic program model called CS + X. The CS stands for Computer Science and the X represents a second program that is fully integrated into a new stand-alone major, which draws upon the unique features of both programs. It is not a double-major, nor a major/minor. It is a merged program that uniquely prepares students to leverage digital skills in a different discipline.

Our first group of approved CS +X programs include the following:

We plan to launch more programs of this type over the coming year to better position our students with the new foundational skills that will be in demand.

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