The College Admission Bribery Scandal Aftermath Does where you go to college really matter in the long run?

An article published in Psychology Today in December of 2018 by Dr. Peter Gray, seemed to foreshadow the admission bribery scandal that we are now discussing across the country.

Dr. Gray draws upon multiple research reports, as well as his own professional experiences, to make the following arguments:

  *   Almost everything we are doing in relation to our schools seems to be in the direction of upping the pressure.
  *   We have promulgated myths such as that we live in a very competitive world and we are all in a race competing for the same thing.
  *   We have led people to believe that getting into an elite college is the cause of future success rather than something that correlates with future success.
His article is a very worthwhile read with links to other research and reports on this topic. One of the closing points he makes, that resonated most with me, is that it is more important what you do in college rather than where you go. Finding a school that provides access and opportunities to explore your interests and pursue activities such as internships, leadership roles and mentoring should be the ultimate guiding college selection.

It is one of the qualities I believe students value most at schools like Lewis.

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