Should Everyone Learn How to Code?

Should everyone learn how to code?

Should everyone learn to write a legal brief?
Should everyone learn to give a shot?
Should everyone be able to perform an audit?
Should everyone learn how to foxtrot?

Should everyone learn to sing harmony?
Should everyone operate a crane?
Should everyone perform heart surgery?
Should everyone lion-tame?

Should all of us learn to roll sushi?
Should all of us tune up a car?
Should all of us learn to make potpourri?
Should all of us learn to tend bar?

Lots of things in life are useful.
Lot of skills can serve us well.
Coding, alas, is but one of them.
Learn what you want to … well.


Not everyone should learn how to code. Everyone should learn how to think: incisively, efficiently, flexibly, creatively. Good programmers do this instinctively because their jobs demand such mental agility and clarity. But the ability to think this way is not exclusive to the vocation of computer programming. There are many ways to become a particularly astute problem-solver. Become one, and no one worth knowing will ever fault you for not knowing Python.

Everyone should learn to problem-solve. How you get there is your first problem to solve.

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