Had the best shave my life with oils and a facial and back massage. Beard maintenance wasn’t the trouble; it just got too gray for my taste.

One week and counting to cold Chicago. Worked on my two yoga routines today and am experiencing a little pre-nostalgia for Rishikesh. I’ll miss the grocer, launderer, and popcorn street vendors, and my teachers and fellow students. I’ll miss the sun, too. After morning cloudiness, the days are sunny and the skies are blue. Also, the cows, who have been quite supportive.

The days in India have been rewarding to me. Whether it’s been India or just time by myself, I’ve been able formulate several truths about myself. They are in no particular order:

1. My ego ain’t going nowhere nowhere soon.

2. I am too proud and arrogant to submit to a master.

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