Retail Tactics Being Used by Colleges

An article in this week’s Chronicle of Higher Education reviews how retail tactics are starting to appear with increasing frequency in the college admission race. Some examples cited include:

  • Deposit early and receive $2,000 more in scholarships
  • Deposit early and be entered into a drawing for room and board
  • Deposit early and get pre-registration benefits for classes
  • Are you happy at your current college solicitations, and would you like to transfer to us?

I know this type of approach is the reality in most consumer industries. I have DIRECTV, but that does not stop Comcast from contacting me regularly with new subscriber deals and promotions. However, even with the suspension of regulations governed by NACAC, I did not anticipate this type of behavior being adopted by colleges so quickly.

I believe that behaviors like this will only create more confusion and uncertainty for students.

We work very closely with the families that truly want to enroll at Lewis and try to remove barriers to their enrollment. But, we will not be giving away any toasters, microwaves, or “act now and get 10% off” deals.

About Raymond Kennelly

Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Planning at Lewis University Skilled in Strategic Planning, Recruiting, Public Speaking, Media Relations and Curriculum Development.

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