Pell Grant Award to Increase For 2020-21 School Year

budget deal reached in late December will provide the funding for a $150 increase in the maximum award for the federal Pell Grant Program.

  • The maximum award will now increase to $6,345 annually
  • This year Lewis enrolled over 1,400 Pell Grant recipients.

This is good news for the many families who qualify for federal financial aid. One of the major criticisms of the Pell grant program is that it has not kept pace with changes in college tuition. This is a positive step forward for our neediest students.

The bigger challenge might be simply getting families to file. According to information provided to us by Noel Levitz, FAFSA filing rates for next year are down across the country. That appears to be true even when you factor in demographic declines in the number of high school graduates.

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