One Point, Eternal Happiness

I am waiting at the Tat Café for my veg burger and tomato soup while being blinded by the afternoon sunlight pouring into my sleep-deprived eyes.

Much is said about positive energy around these parts: how to get it, maintain it, and not have it stolen by others. Such positive energy presumably makes for an optimistic outlook on the world. I have spurts of positive energy and thus spurts of optimism, but mainly I’m easily ruffled and when ruffled quickly negative.

For yoga, the key to an optimistic outlook is single-pointedness. It’s putting everything else aside and finding your happy place. The happiness of yoga, if obtained, is virtually immune to happenings in our lives. Happiness is found in a single point. Even if that single-point can only be attained through rigorous practice and is not maintainable for very long by most people, still the remembrance of it fosters an optimistic outlook. It’s a place to which we can return by our efforts without being derailed by the outside world. In the same way Archimedes said “Give me a place to stand on, and I can move the earth,” so the yogi says “Give me a single point, and I can achieve everlasting happiness.”

Single-pointedness is trans-consciousness, heaven. Most of us don’t get there because we are stuck in the traffic jam of our thoughts. Decongestion occurs when there is only one thought on the road. This is the pure positivity and source of feeling rebirth inherent in optimism.

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