My Kind of Thanksgiving

“The Absolute,” it says in “The Secret Doctrine of the Seed of Immortality, “is neither thinkable or unthinkable; it is not thinkable and [yet] thinkable.”

On first glance, this appears paradoxical. However, the statement is illuminating in several ways.

First, human beings can only partially understand the infinite nature of the divine. If we go into the situation thinking we can fully understand the Absolute, we realize we know less than we think. If we go into the situation thinking cannot understand the Absolute, then we realize, we know more than we think.

Secondly, this is not an agnostic position of saying that the Absolute is neither confirmable nor deniable. When we experience the Absolute, we experience it as both thinkable and unthinkable.

Thirdly, the single-pointedness of yoga is just this Absolute. In thinking it, we unthink it and in not thinking it, we think it.

The preceding is the kind of discussion that would get me exiled most if not all Thanksgiving tables. My response to them is simple: Go, Bears!

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