Math / Computer Science Graduates Its Biggest Class Yet

gradmay2014The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is very proud to announce the graduation of its biggest class yet. Twenty-six students are graduating with a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, or both today. These are students who committed to studying in the department back when we were housed in the basement of the old Science Building, the “dungeon” as we affectionately called it. They were with us as we moved to our much larger, more open, more visible, and more attractive home, right where the new Science Center and the recently renovated Academic Building meet. They’ve seen and helped us make a lot of positive changes to both the Math and Computer Science programs during the past four years. They’ve taken new courses in mathematical modeling, advanced probability and statistics, advanced linear algebra, scientific computing, video game programming, cyber security, cyber forensics, and Android device programming. Some of them even got a chance to design, build, and program a robotic hand. They’ve worked on internships and service projects. Some have done undergraduate research as part of the SURE program and presented at regional and national conferences. All have left a lasting, positive impression on this department, just as they will do the same in their respective fields.

It’s a bittersweet day for us faculty. We will miss these people immensely. They have a spark, an energy, that is inspiring and impossible to duplicate. Our solace is the sense of anticipation we have as we await hearing about all the remarkable things they will accomplish and get to witness, albeit at a greater distance, the tremendous people they will continue to become.

Congratulations to the wonderful graduates of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Lewis University. We could not be more proud of you.

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