LUCE Students Learn and See from the Outdoor Classroom of Rome with Dr. Cremin

Front row left to right: Jacob Barrett, Megan Kowalis, Dr. Kuttner, and Danielle Mikos
2nd row left to right: Hunter Yurgil, Kamryn Alexander, Lizette Herrera, and Daniele  Cepeda
3rd row left to right: Claudia Salazar, Adriana Trejo, Keith Carretto, Kendall Archer, Dr. Cremin, and Samantha Martinez

Dr. Cremin, history department chair, helps LUCE students, through the use of the outdoor classroom of Rome, to discover Ancient Rome from Romulus and Remus, Vestal Virgins, the imperial palace on Palatine Hill, emperors from Augustus Caesar through Trajan.  LUCE students took one bus ride, number 916, from Casa LaSalle to the outdoor classroom of the Roman Forum.  It was a warm and pleasant winter day perfect for pictures.

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Brother Peter Hannon, FSC is an Assistant Profesor of History at Lewis University. His photography is available at

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