LewisU Rome Program at LUCE: Students Take a Full Academic Load while in Rome with Italian and Lewis Professors

Dr. Frank Rose, adjunct Finance instructor, describes the fundamentals of the class entitled International Economics.

As part of the International Economics class, all LUCE members will travel this weekend to Milan, Italy and meet organizations that represent small and medium-sized businesses and hear how they deal with the integrated market of the European Union. Students will also, during the course, meet a manager of a large investment company.

Students in Christian Faith and Arts, being taught by Dr. Joanne Kuttner, coordinator of LUCE.

The Christian Faith and Arts class will involve both the study of Christianity and how Christian beliefs affected church designs, layouts for town and cities, and other forms of art. Rome will be part of the classroom with visits to a variety of Catholic churches and art galleries.

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Brother Peter Hannon, FSC is an Assistant Profesor of History at Lewis University. His photography is available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/hannonpe/

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