Lewis University looks for an alternative for lead-based fuel in aircraft

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Leaded gasoline and the resulting emissions from aircraft remains to cause detrimental pollution. Lewis University is working toward finding solutions to this environmental concern.

Dr. Randy DeMikDirector of Aviation and Transportation, M.S., and Associate Professor, shares two interdisciplinary research projects regarding lead fuel and pollution.

“Bioavailable Lead in Topsoil Collected from General Aviation Airports” was published by the in Spring 2013 by the Collegiate Aviation Review. Results from sampling three general aviation airports found that the risk of ingesting lead from surface soils is low and bioavailable lead in the soil sampled is not significant enough to require remediation.

Lead Memory in General Aviation Aircraft Engine Emissions” was another award-winning study DeMik was involved with regarding lead and aircraft.

DeMik, Randal; Keleher, Jason; Kasak, Natalie; Keller, Julius; Mazza, Alessandro; and Raess, Jordan (2012) “Lead Memory in General Aviation Aircraft Engine Emissions,” Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering: Vol. 1: Iss. 2, Article 5. http://dx.doi.org/10.5703/1288284314660

The study tested aircraft engines on their lead memory and emissions when using a lead free alternative fuel source.


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