Kunjal Kriya: No, This Isn’t a Star Trek Episode

Yoga is a cleansing or purifying process. Ultimately, we are cleansing ourselves from our suffering, which is the product of our ego. The ego is not an attitude or a part of our psyche, but the totality our mind-body interaction. We have to purify every part of our body, including our internal organs, to liberate ourselves.

Today in Hatha yoga we are going to practice Kunjal Kriya. Last night, our teacher informed us not to eat anything in the morning before class. This entry will temporarily be postponed, a few minutes before class. People are very careful to tell you never to do this on your own, but only under the guidance of an experienced yogi with expertise in this area.

* * * * *

I refuse to Kunjal Kriya and tell. For more details, if it’s really intriguing to you, let’s do lunch or something and I’ll spill.

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