I Didn’t Need Craigslist to Find My Guru

You’re looking and looking and looking for something

and it’s been there the whole time.

Rishikesh, India is gorgeous. . . .

I find it virtually impossible

To take any bad pictures of the

The Ganges and Himalayas

Whether I shoot from the

Shore or from the balcony

Of a yoga studio

I just can’t find a flaw.

And so it is with you

You look good

From any angle

I choose

From over here

You look like a red ruby

From over here

A rose in bloom

From over there

You look smooth as satin

From over there

A blue moon

From a dark room

You look like a ray of hope

From the cauldron of a bad day

The promise of happiness

From the depths of my despair

You look like the rope to pull me up

From the middle of the desert

A well to quench my thirst

From the bed of nails I sleep on

You look like the softest cushion

From the storehouse of memory

A great harvest

From the prison of my anguish

You look like the path to rebirth

From between moments in time

Eternity itself

From the center of a black hole

You look like a rising sun

From the level of subatomic reality

Pure unvarnished totality

From here or there, up or down, this side or that

You are most assuredly—all that.

Maybe you just do a good job of hiding

Your bad side

As others do.

Or maybe I just keep on finding reasons

For loving you.

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