How many students change their major?

Ellucian has attempted to answer that question. The results of their national survey of 1,000 U.S. students conducted this past summer have been published with the following results:

  *   Less than half of all students are confident in their choice of a major
  *   More than half of all students change their major at least once
  *   The biggest impact of indecision or change of major is graduation delay and increased costs

When I first started in college admission, our marketing messages stressed not needing to declare a major until the end of the sophomore year. It was emphasized to students that they should not feel pressure and should use their first years of college to explore possibilities.

Today, with concerns over costs, loan indebtedness and career opportunities we see fewer students applying and enrolling as undecided each year. Surveys like this, however, reinforce that students still need time to explore and clarify their goals.

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