How Many FAFSA’s Have Been Submitted by Your Students?

Last week I wrote about the approved increase to the Pell Grant program. I also indicated that nationally FAFSA filing for the 2020-21 academic year was down.

The Department of Education has an online tool where you can monitor the trend of FAFSA filing rates down to the high school level. Many of you may already utilize this resource. For those not familiar, I would encourage you to review. The data is updated throughout the cycle so you can track progress over time.

In closing, as National School Counseling Week winds down, please accept my congratulations and appreciation for all that you do on behalf of your students. Early in my career, someone said to me, “What could be better than to know you make a difference in the lives of your students.”

The countless hours, the patience, and the knowledge you share do make a difference. Thank you for all that you do.

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Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Planning at Lewis University Skilled in Strategic Planning, Recruiting, Public Speaking, Media Relations and Curriculum Development.

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